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Socor offers a wide variety of materials and services relevant to the fields of construction and development.


Aggregates encompasses a broad range of granular material like sand, gravel and crushed rock. Socor offers aggregate types ideal for use in construction, such as washed sand, 3/4 gravel, 3/8 gravel, G1 and Boulders, through its regional plants and subsidiary, Grandstone Aggregates Corporation. Each batch of aggregates is quality checked by the company's accredited testing laboratories to ensure client satisfaction.

Ready-mix Asphalt

Hot-mix asphalt (HMA) is a combination of aggregates, mineral filler and bituminous material that are uniformly mixed in a central plant. These materials are heated at 150 to 175 Celsius, proportioned and mixed in a facility to produce the client's desired paving mixture. This form of asphalt is ideal for large horizontal works, such as roads and highways, due to its flexibility during application, durability, reparability, and cost-effectiveness.

Ready-mix Concrete

Ready-mix Concrete refers to a combination of cement, aggregates, water and admixtures, batched for delivery in a central plant. A batch of ready-mixed concrete is tailored to the specifications of the client with greater consistency than on-site mixing. It is transported to the job site via concrete mixers. This form of concrete is ideal for horizontal works that prefer minimal maintenance, require greater resistance from aggressive environmental conditions, and urban heat islands.

Equipment Rental

Renting construction equipment provide many advantages for contractors to complete projects with improved quality, efficiency and minimized risk without the high investment cost of p. Rentals are available for short or long-term leases with great flexibility for the lessee.

Land Transport of Construction Equipment & Materials

Transportation of heavy-duty machinery is complex and time sensitive. Socor offers the quick and efficient transportation services of any rented equipment. This includes the hauling, loading and unloading and driving services.